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The Saturday poem: Adventure Flight

by Lemn Sissay

Third planet from the sun, this spinning earth.
Thousands of football cups but only one is first.
Here comes the light to break the pitch: the new day.
Crowds wake! Clouds break! The adventure is under way.

I will not waiver. I will not fail. I will not cower.
When under great pressure the great overpower.
We are equal in dreams – underdogs and over achievers.
We are nothing without adventures and believers.

There’s everything to gain: everything to prove.
Tough and be touched, move and be moved.
Summon all resources, steal chance, take risk.
The challenge, the adventure, the grit.

One game, one destiny, one goal, one curved ball of Earth.
One and all, young and old, more than gold is worth.
All four corners, this field this cup – our number one –
When against all odds carry on, shout, ‘Carry on.’

Make wings of your arms with the heart. At its centre
The challenge, the flight, the adventure.



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